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Ancel VD500 OBD2 Scanner Car Diagnostics


Item Type: Code Readers & Scan Tools; Hardware Version: OBD2 Scanner; Software Version: OBD2 EOBD2 ODB2 Engine Analyzer; Language: German; Language: English; Software Update: Yes; Brand Name: Ancel; Special Features: OBD2 Car Scanner; Special Features: OBD2 Car Scanner; Model Name: Ancel VD500 OBD2 Scanner; OBD2 Feature 1: ODB2 Car Diagnostic Scanner; OBD2 Feature 2: OBD2 Car Scanner for VAG cars; Languages: OBD Code Reader in English,in German; Supported Cars: OBD2 Scan Tool For VW Audi Sokda Seat; OBD2 Function 1: Read&Clear OBD2 Car Error Codes, Turn Off Warm Light; OBD2 Function 2: OBD2 Car Oil Reset, Brake Pad Reset, Throttle Body Adaption; Warranty: 3 years;

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Introduction for Ancel VD500 OBD2 Scanner

  1. Designed for diagnose 12V 16Pin Volkswagen Audi Skoda Seat V/A Series vehicles, and 12V cars & light trucks(Non-electric) from 1996 and newer that are OBD2 compliant with 16 Pin OBD2 protocols 


  2. For Volkswagen (VAG) vehicles, read and erase codes on Engine, ABS, Transmission, SAS (not all cars), ESP, TPMS and more systems;Reset the oil, brake pad and Throttle position adaption.


  3. For normal OBD2 vehicles,read and erase codes; show definitions, turn off the MIL (check engine light) and retrieves VIN information. 


  4. Vehicle coverage: for Volkswagen/VW (CC, EOS, Golf, GTI, Jetta, Passat, Phaeton, Polo, Rabbit, Sharan, Tiguan, Touran, Touareg); Audi(A3, A4, A6, A7, A8, A5, Q3, Q5, Q7, R8, RS3, TT, RS, RS5, S4, S6); Skoda (Octavia, Rapid, Yeti, Kodiaq, Fabio, Superb); Seat (leon, Ateca, Ibize, Altea, Cushion, Cord, Alhambra).


  5. Works with English and German. 

  6. The VD500 scanner provides life-time free software updates for to fix the latest bugs or add new parameters.

For VAG Vehicles Features:
1)VD500 can do Full System Diagnose for VAG cars and Retrieves VIN Info:
  1. Engine system

  2. SRS(Airbag) System

  3. ABS System

  4. Transmission System

  5. SAS System

  6. ESP System

  7. Battery System

  8. Immobilizer System

2)Special Functions:
1. Oil Service Reset
2. Throttle Position Adaption
3. Brake Pad(EPB) Reset


For OBD2 Vehicles Features
VD500 can read codes, clear codes, turn off engine lights and Retrieves VIN Informations for OBD2 vehicles.

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What is OBD2?

The OBD2 Scan Tool is designed to work on all OBD2 compliant vehicle. OBD2 was adopted as part of a government mandate to lower vehicles emissions. This sophisticated program in the vehicle’s main computer system is designed to detect failures in a range of systems, and can be accessed thought a universal OBD2 Port. For all OBD systems, if a problem is found, the computer turns on the “CHECK ENGINE” light to warn the driver and sets a Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC) to identify where the problem occurred. A special diagnostic tool, such as the obd2 scan tool, is required to retrieve these codes, which consumers and professionals use as a starting point for repairs.


Where is my car’s OBDII Port?







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3 years