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Mini Dual USB Car Charger


Number Of Output Interface: 2 With USB;
Output Voltage: 5V;
Brand Name: NoEnName_Null;
Input Voltage: 10-19V;
input voltage: DC 12V-24V;
output voltage: DC 5V 2.4;
Color: Black Silver White;
LED : Blue;

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1, this is an advanced car dual USB charger. The compact and lightweight design gives you and your family a perfect shipping experience. Don’t worry about running out of juice on your phone, tablet or digital camera for long periods of time.
2. You can easily charge both devices at the same time for your family to use.
3, dual USB charging interface, integrated intelligent charging IC, the total output is a, can automatically detect USB devices, provide the best charging current for USB devices.
4. Overcurrent, overload and short circuit protection ensure the load is safe and there is no risk of overheating or damage to the equipment.
5, USB port identification: BC1.2 / APP2.4
6, luminous aperture design: blue aperture means power connection, easy to find in the dark.
Product specifications:
Material: aviation aluminum
Output interface: USB
Input: DC12V-24V
Output voltage: 5 (V)
Output current: 2400(mA)
Applicable load range: mobile phone, tablet, GPS, etc.
Size: 46 * 24 * 21mm
Available colors: white, black, silver
LED color: blue
Article weight: 20 grams
Shipping weight: 30 gramstimg
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Color Name

Black, Silver, White