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Turbo Charger vs Supercharger: What’s the Difference?

Even though a Supercharger and Turbocharger sound similar and achieve the same end result, they are quite different. Their function is to increase the power output of the engine but the way they do it is quite different. The working principle of turbo and super chargers: The basic working principle is the same: deliver as […]

How to Take Care of Your Car’s Clear Coat – 3 Tips Every Car Owner Needs to Know

The clear coat is the type of transparent paint that is applied on the uppermost layer of your car’s paintwork. It is basically the outer layer of your car exterior, and it protects the overall paintwork on your vehicle. It acts as the finishing touch to polish your vehicle, and it is usually included in […]

Buying a Car – Quick Guide

Buying a used car can be an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience provided it is done correctly. However, it can also be the most horrendous experience of your life if not done right. There are some common pitfalls that are associated with buying a used car. Avoiding these pitfalls will ensure that you get a […]

Synthetic Oil vs Regular Oil

As with most things about a car, there is always more than one option and usually, there is always an inconclusive debate that accompanies these options as to which is the right one. This is a conundrum that you will most often run into when it comes to choosing a motor oil. There are two […]

The Difference Between K&N Air Filters and a Stock Air Filter

What many people do not realize is that a car engine needs more than just gasoline to run. It requires copious amounts of air as well. You might have experienced this if you have ever driven at high altitudes as it suddenly can begin to feel like the car is gasping for air. However, the […]

4 Signs Your Vehicle’s Battery is Going Bad

In any vehicle, arguably the most important component of all is the battery. Unless your car starts with a hand crank, it’s likely that it has a battery tucked away somewhere powering the electricals onboard. Likewise, being such a crucial element that plays an imperative role in any car, if it’s going bad it would […]

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