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4 Warning Signs of Low Engine Oil

Your car depends on engine oil to keep it functioning smoothly. The engine must be well-lubricated in order to run properly. An oil change is a critical part of basic car maintenance. Neglecting to change your oil can result in low oil levels and cause permanent damage to your engine. Here are four signs your […]

Complete Car Detailing Guide

Generally, people take both terms of cash washing and car detailing in the same manner, but auto detailing typically refers to the thorough cleaning of the vehicle. This comprehensive cleaning doesn’t only consist of standard car washing and seat dusting, but it involves cleaning the exterior and interior of the car as much as possible. […]

6 Warning Signs Your Car’s Shock Absorbers Are Failing

Your car’s shock absorbers are responsible for much more than providing a smooth ride. If they’re not working well, both steering and braking are less effective, creating handling problems which can quickly become dangerous. Unfortunately, all shock absorbers slowly wear out over time. How do you know they’re nearing the end of their useful life […]

The Difference Between K&N Air Filters and a Stock Air Filter

What many people do not realize is that a car engine needs more than just gasoline to run. It requires copious amounts of air as well. You might have experienced this if you have ever driven at high altitudes as it suddenly can begin to feel like the car is gasping for air. However, the […]

Hand Waxing Your Car or Truck vs Waxing with a Buffer

Waxing a car is paramount to its well-being from a visual standpoint. A good layer of wax will give the car a nice glossy look while also acting as the first layer of defense against the elements of nature such as rain and the sun. The layer of wax has to be buffed really well […]

Best Gadget for Your Car That Your Mechanic Wishes You Didn’t Know About

The price of a diagnostic test for your car can vary widely, depending on a number of factors, such as the age of your car, the model and whatever happens to be wrong with it. But it will generally run anywhere from $40 to $400, before repairs. An OBD-II diagnostic reader, on the other hand, […]

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